October 20, 2021

Navy Nuclear Engineer Attempted Espionage, FBI Says

While working at the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, a little-known government research facility in West Mifflin, Pa., Mr. Toebbe would have had access to the documents that he is accused of passing to the undercover F.B.I. officer.

Many of the details of the exchanges were redacted in the court documents, but there was a reference to scaled drawings and maintenance details. The F.B.I. cited a note, which the affidavit suggests was written by one of the Toebbes, saying that the information “reflects decades of U.S. Navy ‘lessons learned’ that will help keep your sailors safe.”

Submarine secrets have been the stuff of spy games for generations. Although the Cold War is long over, the technology, if anything, is more important than ever, especially as the United States steps up patrols in the Pacific, including in contested areas of the South China Sea and off the coast of North…

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