October 16, 2021

New Art Exhibit In San Francisco Brings Art To Life Through Technology – CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – A new art exhibit in San Francisco is paying tribute to technology in a way you’ve likely never seen.

The secret life of machines can be uncovered at “Renaissance 2.0,” now open at Modernism West, located inside Foreign Cinema in San Francisco’s Mission District.

There is more than meets the eye once visitors hold up their phones to the canvas. Each robot portrait is enhanced with an augmented reality app.

“Paintings are quiet and still, and they don’t move, but machines are all about movement and make sounds,” said artist Agnieszka Pilat. “So I thought augmented reality is the way to bring life out of them, so it’s very important to me.”

Pilat, a Bay Area artist who is originally from Poland, is widely known as the first classically trained artist to use this kind of technology to a layer of movement to her work.

As an artist in…

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