November 17, 2021

New Canon AI cameras only allow smiling employees in office

Canon is known to experiment quite a lot with its imaging products. The camera brand is, anyway, popular for getting so many patents registered in its name for future tech. This time, the company has put its old product to a new use. According to the latest report, Canon is using its cameras to detect if its employees are doing well at the workplace. But how?

Canon has installed cameras with AI-enabled smile recognition technology in its China offices. The cameras with this special feature identify employees with a smiling face and then only allow them inside the office. This has been done to ensure that employees are one-hundred percent happy and are not dealing with some stress. But this cannot be the sole reason.

Everyone is aware of China’s surveillance system. The country is superactive in terms of noting the moves and actions of its residents. The plight begins when Chinese…

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