August 2, 2021

New Chrysler EV Concept Teased, Sends Airflow Vision 2.0 Vibes

The luxury brand now has only three models on sale in North America, two of which are minivans while the third is the aging 300 sedan.

Mind you, there’s hope for the future of the brand, and Chrysler fans can thank the electric revolution Stellantis announced yesterday for that.

In the long video presentation of its electrification strategy, the Franco-Italo-American carmaker slipped some photos of an intriguing Chrysler luxury EV concept based on the group’s STLA Large platform.

Introduced by Chief Design Officer Ralph Gilles, the concept looks more like a pre-production vehicle than a design study, which suggests we won’t have to wait too long for it to be officially revealed. If it looks familiar, it’s because it appears to be an evolution of the Airflow Vision design study unveiled in January 2020.

Gilles says the Stellantis design studios…

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