November 17, 2021

new cryptocurrency scam steals $2 million in Monero from gamers

  • Researchers at Avast have detected a new cryptojacking malware that’s targeting gamers across the globe, including India.
  • Dubbed Crackonosh, the malware is assumed to have a Czech origin.
  • The hackers behind the scam have made over $2 million in Monero (XMR) through the scam.

Grand Theft Auto V, NBA 2K19, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 players are being duped into mining for cryptocurrency — and they may not even know it.

In their quest to profit off of the currency rage around
cryptocurrencies, hackers have now turned their attention to gamers as per new research by antivirus software make
Avast. The report highlights that cybercriminals are spreading malware by duping people into downloading games that are laced with malware.

Avast has been able to catch over 800 cases on a daily basis. The researchers estimate that the perpetrators have been able to make over $2…

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