September 27, 2021

New EA tech will make future video games come to life like never before

Some of Sebastian Starke’s fondest childhood memories are swinging from doorways, scaling walls, and brandishing a sword.

Starke first got hooked on video games — he only experienced those adventures through Prince of Persia — when he was just five or six.

He tells Inverse he fell headfirst into a lifelong passion for gaming that has followed him to his job as an A.I. Scientist at Electronic Arts (EA).

“I bring characters to life with computer brains,” Starke said.

In Starke’s world, motion capture is king, but the technology he’s developing could bring massive change to how video games are created.

How it works now — To bring the characters in a video game to life, actors dress up in skintight motion capture suits covered in sensors. They tediously play out cutscenes and execute perfect roundhouse kicks. It may seem like an initial step in making a video game, but…

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