June 23, 2021

New Orleans leaders addressing fallen debris from Plaza Tower, road closures

Debris has fallen from the Plaza Tower, forcing NOFD and NOPD to close several roads downtown just weeks after WDSU investigated the building’s integrity. Streets closed include Calliope Street to O’Keefe Avenue, O’Keefe Avenue to Howard Avenue and Baronne Street to Howard Avenue. A person was reportedly injured while riding his bike downtown. He was taken to the hospital, but is expected to survive.During a news conference, city officials announced a chain link fence will be installed around the Plaza Tower to protect passersby from more possible falling debris.Afterwards, the property owner said he will put netting around the building to further prevent any debris from causing harm to people or the surrounding streets.According to officials, this cannot happen until the weather has passed and it is safe to access the area.No official day or time has been given for these…

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