October 20, 2021

New report urges India to adopt electric vehicle roaming

As India attempts to reduce its carbon emissions, many are looking towards electric vehicles (EVs) to help tackle the climate crisis. However, more EVs on the road are only a part of the equation. What’s more essential is the overarching charging infrastructure that can sustain an electrified transport sector.

In India there is no universal access to EV charge point operators (CPOs). In Delhi alone there are 78 public charging stations that are owned and operated by different CPOs and accessing them can require up to 10 different apps. Outside Delhi is no better with even more CPOs and charging apps that might be unique to these networks.

This is referred to as the problem of EV roaming and a new report published by The Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW) and EV software startup eDRV has set out the importance of introducing interoperability in India among the various…

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