July 27, 2021

New rules to cut down on fraudulent ‘spoofed’ numbers, spam calls

Next time you get a call from a 603 number you don’t recognize, pay attention to your phone – there is a chance it will be able to tell whether or not the call is actually coming from New Hampshire.

If you see the words “verified” or “number verified” it’s likely a legitimate call. If those words don’t appear, it’s likely a call from a scammer who spoofed the number, or it was unable to be verified.

Major cell phone carriers had until the end of the last month to comply with a Federal Communication Commission order to help customers better identify spam calls coming from within their own area codes.

The technology – known as STIR SHAKEN – allows the carrier of the phone to validate the caller id of the incoming call. The implementation of this technology will make it easier to tell when scammers are “spoofing” a local call number to get someone to pick…

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