October 19, 2021

New scam involving USPS is costing people thousands | Call 4 Action

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – One victim we talked to was scammed out of money after moving to a new home.  “I went to check my bank statement and realized they charged $89.95. I think is what it was,” the victim said. He didn’t want to be identified.  

“I just hurried up, filled out my information and did [like] autofill and all of that stuff. And I paid the price for it,” said the victim.  

 He just moved to east Nashville. While setting up his utilities he realized that he forgot about forwarding his mail. So, he went online and googled ‘USPS address forwarding.’  “I mean, the site looks just like a USPS site, same color scheme and everything.”

 But it wasn’t. He says he hit submit, thinking it’ll only take out a dollar. “It…

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