November 16, 2021

New scams and the Jackson estate – Monterey Herald

Readers: Stay vigilant for scammers, they are out in force and are more sophisticated than ever in their attempts to steal from you. I received a very official-sounding phone call from a woman identifying herself as “an agent with the United States Social Security Administration.” She went on to tell me that a claim had been made against my social security and they needed more information to determine if the claim was legitimate. I recognized the call as a scam but, to find out more about this particular scam, I asked her what information she would need to determine if the claim was valid. She asked me for my social security number and birthdate!

The best way to keep your social security benefits safe is to go online to and create an account under “my social security.” You can set up an ID and password. The Social Security Administration uses a dual authentication method so, when you sign in, they send a code to…

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