November 17, 2021

New Seagate Exos storage uses self-healing drive technology

Solid-state devices may command most of the headlines in enterprise storage drive technology, but Seagate Technology continues to come up with new capabilities for age-old spinning disks.

The Seagate Exos Corvault petabyte-scale block storage array, due to ship in July, adds autonomous drive regeneration (ADR) technology that the company claims can bring most failing hard disks back into service without a manual drive swap. The ADR-based system can reconfigure the hard disk drive (HDD) to bypass the errant components.

Although the self-healing technology can’t provide a fix for every type of HDD problem — such as failures involving the drive’s interface or the system on a chip — it would address a bad drive head, one of the top causes of HDD failures, according to Ted Oade, director of global product marketing at Seagate.

“If a head goes bad in a conventional RAID array, that…

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