November 17, 2021

New semi-autonomous robot to be deployed to Gaza border

The IDF’s Gaza division will soon deploy a new semi-autonomous robotic ground vehicle called the Jaguar along the border with the Gaza Strip, replacing soldiers along the border where they could be targets by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Developed over the past year and half by Israel Aerospace Industries in close cooperation with the technological department of the IDF’s Ground Forces Command, it is currently being integrated into the Gaza division.

The Jaguar is equipped with dozens of sensors, an automated driving system, and advanced fire capabilities.

Based on a six-wheeled chassis, it is equipped with a 7.62mm MAG machine gun that can be operated remotely against suspicious objects or people, both while stationary or on the move.

The Jaguar uses high-resolution cameras, dozens of sensors, transmitters and a remote-controlled PA system, and is powered by…

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