November 15, 2021

New technology helps detect early breast cancer

Rio Grande Regional Hospital has a new piece of equipment to help them detect breast cancer in patients, and they say it’s a game changer for the Valley.

The new 3D graphic mammography system arrived at Rio Grande Regional Hospital around the end of August and one doctor says it’s already made a world of difference.

“Tomosynthesis helps us detect cancers earlier,” said diagnostic radiologist Dr. Vanessa Medina. “So, the smaller cancers are going to be able to be detected at an earlier stage.”

It uses X-rays just like the prior 2D system and the screening process is the same, but what’s different are the images it takes.

“When we obtain tomosynthesis images, it takes different slices at different levels of the breast, so that we get to scroll through it,” Dr. Medina said.

This allows them to see masses, calcifications, and other abnormalities more clearly.


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