September 28, 2021

New technology project reinforces value of ETTP Cleanup in Oak Ridge

The East Tennessee Technology Park’s (ETTP) latest tenant, Kairos Power, is investing $100 million to build a low-power reactor demonstration project, an innovative job-creating initiative that underscores once again the value of the Department of Energy’s long-term mission to clean up the former gaseous diffusion plant site known as K-25.

Using a small, lower power reactor, Kairos is responding to the national quest for clean, lower cost electrical energy on a 185-acre parcel at ETTP that previously housed two massive uranium enrichment buildings that were demolished. I’m excited to hear that the project is scheduled for operation in 2026 and will create 55 jobs. This is excellent news for our community!

For me, Kairos Power’s decision to locate at ETTP is personally satisfying, My career in the nuclear industry began as a young co-op student at K-25, advanced into operating…

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