July 28, 2021

New technology to aid medical research and discovery

Scientists at the University of Plymouth are set to take the next steps in major medical research thanks to winning prestigious funding announced today.

With capital funding from the Wolfson Foundation, teams will soon be able to benefit from a new state of the art mass spectrometer.

Used in proteomics – the in-depth study of proteins – the machine will enable researchers to analyse samples up to 10 times faster than their current technology permits; meaning accelerated results, and potentially faster rollout of treatments.

The University excels in a number of areas of biomedical research which use this technology, including antimicrobial resistance, where likely new antibiotic candidates have been identified, and in its Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence, where the team has validated new drug targets and biomarkers for tumours.

Now these teams, and many others in the…

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