September 17, 2021
Real Estate

New York Real Estate Developer Sees Swift Rebound Continuing Across Condos, Rentals and Retail

Joshua Caspi, principal of Caspi Development, comes from a long line of real estate developers, starting with his grandfather and then his father. They have all seen the potential in an underutilized property and reimagining it into a thing of beauty. 

Today, with Mr. Caspi, 42, at the helm, the company manages a diverse portfolio of residential, commercial and hotel properties throughout
the Bronx and Westchester, north of New York City. We caught up with him recently to chat about just who’s buying, what’s hot in the New York
real estate market and where it’s going. 

Mansion Global: What made you get into real estate development? 

Joshua Caspi: From the youngest age, I was interested in building. I used to spend weekends with my father driving around to his development sites and learning everything I could about construction. I would also…

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