September 27, 2021
General News

Newspaper plays politics with Afghan “retreat”

The definition of “retreat” is “forced withdrawal before an enemy.” The continued use of “retreat” in your front page article is more an expression of your paper’s political stance than in producing good journalism while describing what we have witnessed during the past two weeks in Afghanistan. The Taliban could have been much more uncooperative during the operation than we expected. The population is vastly different than it was before our 20-year involvement, and the new leaders seem to be aware of this. Time will tell.

Jerry Utter, Lake Worth

DeSantis following Trump to defeat

Doesn’t DeSantis know that had his primary mentor, Trump, launched a robust, science-based response to COVID-19, he probably would have been re-elected? But he did not, and he lost. DeSantis is following in Trump’s footsteps, putting the lives and health of Floridians at risk because of his…

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