August 2, 2021
General News

Nigerian Women and authorship of the Constitution, By Tayo Agunbiade

In June, Chile made history when its citizens voted for a gender-balanced process to write a new constitution. This means that Chilean women will form 50 per cent of the Constituent Assembly, the body charged with the assignment of drafting the Constitution. The U.K. Guardian, described it as “the first (constitution) anywhere in the world to be written by an equal number of men and women.”

Could such a feat be achieved in Nigeria? After all, women make up 49.5 per cent of the total population of 200 million. A walk in history shows Nigeria’s women have never had meaningful participation in the authorship of the country’s Constitution.

The 1922 Clifford Constitution introduced the principle of elective representation. This was the first taste of elections the country was to experience, with activities limited to the Lagos and Calabar municipal…

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