November 17, 2021

No answers amid economic woes

Within seconds of the explosion, it was clear that the size and scale of the blast in Beirut’s port last year was unlike anything Lebanon, which endured a 15 year civil war ending in 1990, had seen before.

Even as Beirut residents began to absorb the shock of what had happened to their city, social media the questions began as to what could have caused it?

Was it a bomb blast or a rocket attack? Who was responsible?

Wednesday 4 August will mark one year since the one of the largest non-nuclear explosions ever recorded ripped through the port area of the Lebanese capital.

More than 200 people died in the disaster with thousands injured and huge damage to vital port infrastructure as well as buildings across Beirut.

In any country, the task of rebuilding would be daunting. In Lebanon, a country in the middle of one of the worst financial and political crises in modern times, it seems impossible.

The blast happened when a large…

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