October 20, 2021

No-fraud Friday: Mr. Ben doesn’t really have $15.5 million for you | The Hole Scroll

• It’s an ever-changing landscape of online scams, but as a general rule, don’t expect that you actually have $15 million waiting for you in a bank account. Learn about and watch out for the following scams in this week’s No-fraud Friday, in which we feature a few cyber scams per week, per a list provided by CyberWyoming.

One “Mr. Mike Ben” is sending out emails from mutigweoji@gmail.com stating he has your funds worth $15.5 million. He may or may not also say that the FBI and Homeland Security have already signed for the funds, so “there is no need for you to contact them.”

The kicker: to get the $15.5 million, you just have to kindly give Mr. Ben $100. On top of that, he wants your personal information, too.

• A person impersonating a Norton Antivirus worker from the email emmaemily52728@gmail.com is…

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