October 20, 2021

Oakwood Super Markets put food — and plates — on our tables | Family

April 30, 1968 was a major milestone for my family and many others across our region. On that date a full-page advertisement in the Kingsport Times News announced the arrival in town of Reveille.

Don’t be embarrassed if that name means nothing to you. I’ll simplify: the rooster dishes were here. The ad was placed by Oakwood Super Markets to promote their latest come-on to shoppers. It was the latest in what was then a common practice of offering deeply discounted dinnerware over a period of several weeks period to “reward” (and lure) customers.

“Frankly, these unheard of low prices are a ‘come on.’ Oakwood wants you to ‘come on’ over and build a set of dinnerware. Oakwood hopes you’ll decide to come back often,” the ad stated.

I would have been 5 years old, and even though some of my earliest memories include grocery shopping with Mom, mostly at Oakwood in Green…

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