October 19, 2021
General News

Of militaries and a continent of worried, insecure rulers

By Erick Mwakibete

Mali has gone through another coup, the second one in two years. To be fair, those who carried out the coup last year never went anywhere and remained in charge of the country, fronting civilian leaders who were acceptable to them and the regional bloc, Ecowas, which had threatened sanctions against military rule.

The reasons offered for this latest coup is that, the real powers behind the throne were unhappy with a cabinet reshuffle, saying they were not consulted. Apparently, the civilians who were tasked to run Mali forgot that they could not act within the limits given to them. A harsh reminder was in order, to them, and whoever is installed next. That, the constituency keeping them in power is watching.

During the 2010s alone the continent witnessed nearly forty coups and coup attempts, successful or otherwise, without even including the so-called Arab…

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