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Olympics bans ‘Black Lives Matter’ apparel, could punish athletes for social protests

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The postponed 2020 Summer Olympics are just 80 days away from taking place in Tokyo against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. It will be an Olympics unlike any other — with no international fans.

Athletes will have to pass a battery of nasal COVID-19 tests and are just one positive result away from ruining years of hard work and training.

Millions of eyes will be on the Games all over the world. It’s a tremendous stage — both for athletic triumph and possibly social change. Who can forget this image of Americans Tommie Smith and John Carlos with fists raised during the 1968 Olympic Games to protest racism.

US athletes Tommie Smith (C) and John Carlos (R) raise their gloved fists in the Black Power salute to express their opposition to racism in the USA during the US national anthem, after receiving their medals on Oct. 17, 1968 for…

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