July 27, 2021

On retirement planning and travel scams

As promised in a previous column, below are some additional questions from Dave Hughes to please ask yourself if you are considering retirement.

“9. What activities do you plan to engage in? Hopefully, you are looking forward to retirement as a time when you can do many of the things you didn’t have time for while you were working. You’ll want to coordinate with your spouse to find the right combination of solo activities, things you will do with your spouse, and group activities.

“10. What do you want your social life to look like? After you leave work, socialization doesn’t happen as easily as it did before. You will have to take a more proactive role in keeping in touch with your friends. It’s a good idea to choose some activities that will expose you to new people. Staying socially engaged is extremely important after you retire in order to avoid loneliness.

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