November 17, 2021

On Your Side: Scam claims you’re a ‘guaranteed winner’

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — You’ve won a new car! Millions of dollars! Cash for life! The crazy thing is, you don’t remember entering the contest. Con artists continue to pose as Publishers Clearing House and play on our desire to “get rich quick.”

They’ve now added a ploy to their con game, an official-looking document claiming you are a winner. We’re On Your Side showing you what the documents say and explain how to avoid this scam.

For how many people the letter of confirmation may clinch the deal. Con artists have to come up with different schemes hoping you will believe their pitch about your winnings.

First, there was the real-looking check with your name on it. Now, scammers have gone an extra step sending you official-looking documentation from trusted sources that…

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