October 20, 2021

“One-time dollars” make commissioners cautious

LIMA — Compared to the challenges posed by 2020, this year it has become easier for the Allen County Commission to build a balanced budget. Highest priority.

The county’s main source of income is the sales tax, which helped bring the county to the surface in 2021 thanks to the influx of stimulus to move the economy. Commissioner Cory Noonan emphasized that the county must work hard as follows: As the stimulus flow begins to slow, budget preparations for next year will begin.

“This year was a pretty good year for collecting the incoming dollars, but it was very artificial. People pumped up stimuli, pumped up COVID money, and children’s tax credits pumped it up. Given that, “he said. “These are the dollars that come in and are used. The sales tax is the main driving force, but it’s a one-time dollar.”

Despite the lack of ongoing incentives, the Commissioner believes…

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