August 1, 2021

OnePlus integrates OxygenOS with Oppo’s ColorOS for OnePlus 9 series, OnePlus Nord series and more-Technology News, Firstpost

OnePlus and Oppo Recently announced “Maximize resources” by integrating part of R & D within OPLUS. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau announced on Friday, July 2nd, at the time that both OnePlus and Oppo would continue to run independently on independent operating systems. OnePlus announced Integrate Oxygen OS with Oppo’s ColorOS operating system to “improve the OxygenOS experience.” OnePlus also promises to release more than three years of Android updates for smartphones.

by OnePlus Forum, OS changes are done “behind the scenes” and are unnoticed by the user. According to the company, OnePlus 8 series and later devices will receive three major Android updates and a four-year security update. OnePlus Nord and OnePlus Nord / Nord CE get two major Android updates and a three-year security update. N-series devices, including the N10 and…

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