October 20, 2021
General News

OPINION | Anna Mokgokong: What makes a great woman leader?

Very few women are at the helm of businesses and need to be more eager to seek power and leadership roles and be more competitive. Anna Mokgokong writes that the shareholder base needs to be influenced in the voting of new directors to consider gender balance in boards.

“If women ruled the world, politics would be more collegial, businesses would be more productive, and communities would be healthier. More women should lead – not because they are the same as men, but precisely because they are different.”

– Dee-Dee Myers

In her book “Why Women Should Rule the World,” Myers, the former White House Press Secretary Press Officer dares us to envision our near future with more women leaders in politics, business, science and academia, not because our male leaders are bad, but because the world needs diversity, equality and women’s capacity to bring “more cooperation than…

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