October 20, 2021

Opinion: Will GOP really put party before country and crash U.S. economy?

U.S. politics makes me think I am watching a soap opera.

Donald Trump recently called the Jan. 6 insurrection a Democratic hoax. Or Mitch McConnell saying previously that the debt ceiling must be raised to avoid damaging the U.S. economy, then this week he says the Republicans will not support raising the debt ceiling because it would allow the Democrats to pass future spending bills. McConnell knows that raising the debt ceiling only authorizes the U.S. to pay the bills for expenses Trump and the GOP racked up last year, not future spending!

It’s like one of those corny soap operas where the previous bizarre episodes were a dream. I can’t wait to wake up from this nightmare.

Bill Loeber
Del Cerro

No one should question the patriotism of Mitch McConnell. In this case, I am counting on a boatload of patriotism.

The honorable senator from Kentucky has insisted his minority caucus do…

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