Over 50% Of Shoppers Buy This At Dollar Stores All The Time

By far the biggest winner amongst those we polled was candy, with nearly 56% admitting to buying it on every dollar store trip. If your first thought was “yuck, who’d want to buy that stuff from a dollar store?” we have no answers from our pollees, but we do have some speculations. It’s possible that these candy purchases are impulse buys, with candy being conveniently placed right next to the register. It’s also quite likely that some of these sales may be driven by the fact that dollar stores seem to carry an interesting selection of retro candies you can’t find anywhere else except for overpriced online retailers.

One Facebook user found strawberry bon bons (aka the grandma candy) at a Dollar Tree in upstate New York, while a Pinterest user was excited to find the “all-American” (though by now relatively obscure) Goldberg’s Peanut Chews at another Dollar Tree somewhere….

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