November 17, 2021

PAISD looking at new technology to engage students, boost scores – Port Arthur News

Kenneth Daigre, instructional technology supervisor at the Port Arthur Independent School District, is a self-professed nerd.

And as a nerd he often finds himself researching the latest gadgets and instruments that can help students. Daigre stood in front of school board members and the superintendent this week with a 75-inch interactive panel and much smaller 35-inch eGlass to show how these items can be advantageous to students.

“I’m just a nerd and want what’s best for the students,” he joked after his presentation.

The technology

PAISD already has something like this in some classrooms and Daigre hopes, if the board approves it, to place an interactive panel in every classroom in the district.

While the interactive panel looks like a TV set, it’s not.

And while the demo set that was used in the recent presentation was large,…

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