November 17, 2021
General News

Pakistan’s Geoeconomic Pivot And Future Of Pak-India-China Triangular Relationship – Analysis – Eurasia Review

Pakistan’s prioritization of geoeconomics over geopolitics has the potential to fundamentally alter the trajectory of Pak-India-China strategic triangle. 

Recent statements from Pakistan’s civil and military leadership reveal how geopolitics seems to be giving way to geoeconomics as the strategic desideratum in the country’s foreign policy. For instance, in the first-ever Islamabad Security Dialogue (ISD), held on March 17-18, while PM Imran Khan sought to draw attention to non-traditional aspects of security such as economic security, climate security, and food security; General Qamar Javed Bajwa spelt out Pakistan’s geoeconomic vision primarily centred around regional peace, intra-regional trade and connectivity, and sustainable development via the establishment of investment and economic hubs within the region. In a follow-up, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood…

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