September 27, 2021

Parents can use IRS portal to see where their $300 is and opt out of payments

PARENTS worried about their child tax credit can use an IRS portal to check on the whereabouts of their $300 and opt out of payments.

The Child Tax Credit Update Portal allows parents to check up on processed payments, alter household information and opt out.


Parents can now use the Child Tax Credit Update Portal to check on their paymentsCredit: Getty

While it has limited features at the minute there are plans to roll out more functions later this month including updating the ages of your dependents, your marital status and your income.

Giving the IRS notification of any changes will ensure parents get the correct amount each month, which could be as much as $300 per child.

The Portal allows you to verify that your family qualifies for the credit as well as opt out of receiving any payments in 2021.

Parents can also view your payment history and tells you if the money is coming by a paper check or via direct deposit.

Users can…

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