November 17, 2021
Real Estate

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(WTAJ) – Welcome to perry wellington real estate 4.5. We’re here to give you tips and tools to help you be successful when you are buying or selling. You may not be doing that now, but you or someone you know just might be in the future, so we are here to help.

There is some good and bad news. Price drops are now a must for a lot of sellers who want to sell now. The pivot is upon us.

Homes similar to the ones that buyers were once willing to pay way over asking for earlier this spring and summer are now going for a lot less. Sellers listed them higher, hoping to cash in. Agents thought the market would keep that good thing going at least through the summer and then poof, market shift.

How bad is it? It’s so bad, homes in Florida are even experiencing price drops.

Florida has been a scorching hot zone for home sales until now

Homes are still selling in…

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