October 20, 2021

Phone, Email Scams Target Asian, Other BU Students | BU Today

Four scams in the last 10 days—one involving elaborate videoconferencing and caller ID spoofing—have defrauded BU students of thousands of dollars, in one case $150,000. The Boston University Police Department (BUPD) is strongly suggesting protective precautions by students.

“Some schemes are designed to capitalize on a fear of not cooperating with government authorities and many seem to target the Asian community,” the BUPD says in an email sent to the University community Thursday. Two of the incidents involved phone scammers claiming to be Chinese government officials.

All but one of the incidents involved phone calls. The fourth was a phishing email, purportedly from Walmart, offering the student a job and sending a phony check for $2,800 in exchange for money orders from the student.

“We urge all members of our community to be vigilant against theft and fraud,” the BUPD alert says. “Please…

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