September 19, 2021

Police warn of scam targeting BigPay users, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – Users of digital payment services provider BigPay are being advised to keep a lookout for scammers targeting them.

In a statement on Tuesday (Aug 31), police said that scammers would impersonate BigPay staff to convince would-be victims to provide their personal details.

These unsolicited calls are made from unknown numbers via WhatsApp.

The users are then told they are being assisted in a new card application or informed of issues with their BigPay accounts.

The scammers want the BigPay account details and one-time password or bank account details.

They may do this by getting the BigPay user to fill an online form with their account details.

Police said the caller may share fake BigPay employee ID to reinforce that they were working for the services provider.

Victims only realise they have been scammed when they discover unauthorised transactions made to their BigPay accounts or bank accounts.

In their mid-year…

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