November 17, 2021

Political ads: “Fake news” is out, “foreign policy’ is in

New data shows that since President Biden has taken office, topics such as “foreign policy,” “climate” and “voting rights” have become a much bigger percentage of political and issue ad spending on Facebook, compared to the Trump era.

The big picture: Political ad spending can be a good proxy metric for the types of issues gaining traction amongst policymakers and interest groups.

  • Because Facebook’s ad data is easy to track in real-time, it offers researchers a glimpse into trends impacting politics that was much harder to capture even just five years ago.

Details: Big Tech has become one of the biggest topics of discussion in recent weeks, accounting for 6-7% of all political and advocacy ads on Facebook. Ads from Facebook itself has driven some of that increase.

  • “Fake news” has virtually disappeared from Facebook ads compared to last year, when it was at one point ahead of…

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