July 31, 2021
General News

Political Crisis in Haiti as Two Prime Ministers Claim Power

President George H.W. Bush grappled with the surge of Haitian refugees after the 1991 coup that overthrew the president at the time, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Mr. Bush first ordered their detention at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and in 1992 ordered the Coast Guard to directly return home any migrant Haitians intercepted at sea.

The refugees then became a campaign issue, with Bill Clinton denouncing Mr. Bush for “a cruel policy of returning Haitian refugees to a brutal dictatorship without an asylum hearing.” But in response to reports that 150,000 Haitians were poised to land on American soil immediately after his 1993 inauguration, Mr. Clinton said he would continue Mr. Bush’s policy.

Political turmoil elsewhere in the Americas has also set off waves of mass migration in recent years, perhaps most notably in Venezuela, where a different standoff over who had the authority to…

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