July 28, 2021
General News

Politics are coming for the “apolitical” Olympics — Quartz

The 2020 Summer Olympics begin later this month in Japan, a year behind schedule, and mired in controversy as the city of Tokyo enters a state of emergency due to rising Covid-19 cases.

It’s been a rough 18 months for elite athletes, who have trained in between lockdowns and will now compete for medals in empty stadiums. But the games aren’t just the chance of a lifetime—they’re also a unique platform that have afforded athletes the chance to advocate for issues like mental health and racial equality.

If they choose to do so in Tokyo this year, they will face the censure of Olympic organizers, who have long fought to keep the games “apolitical.” But that notion is being seriously tested today by two distinct trends: the newfound power of individual athletes, and the growing public pressure for accountability over issues like human rights and environmental impact in…

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