September 24, 2021
General News

Politics latest news: Britain should ‘fill the void’ left by US as global leader after Afghanistan withdrawal

Protesters are planning to descend on Parliament this week, in a bid to prevent the withdrawal of the £200-a-week Universal Credit uplift. 

Labour is planning an opposition day debate on the ending of the top-up, which ministers have vowed to plough ahead with it, despite senior backbench Tories such as Iain Duncan Smith also criticising the move.  

A group of Universal Credit claimants and members of Unite will gather outside Parliament ahead of PMQs on Wednesday, planning to brandish banners that read ‘keep our families fed’ and ‘food is not a luxury’.

Steve Turner, Unite assistant general secretary said: “Nearly six million people, 40 per cent of them in work, are about to lose £1,040 from their annual income, in what will be the biggest overnight cut to the basic rate of social security since the foundation of the modern welfare state.

“People, who rely on the…

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