October 20, 2021
General News

Poll: Arkansas legislature gets mixed reviews from voters

Arkansas voters are pretty evenly split on the performance of the state Legislature and an effort to expand legislative power also has mixed public opinions.

A new Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College Poll of 916 likely Arkansas voters tested the job approval of the legislature as well as a proposed constitutional amendment that would give lawmakers the power to call themselves into special session, currently a duty reserved exclusively to the governor. In the survey, conducted Sept. 20-22, 2021, participants were asked:

Q. Do you approve or disapprove of the job the Arkansas legislature is doing?

9% Strongly Approve
37.5% Somewhat Approve (46.5% Approve)
19% Somewhat Disapprove
28% Strongly Disapprove (47% Disapprove)
6.5% Don’t Know

Q. Earlier this year, the state legislature placed several constitutional amendments on the ballot for consideration by Arkansas voters in the…

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