November 15, 2021

Pope Francis calls for shortening the work day, commends George Floyd protests in speech to grassroots groups

Pope Francis, in a keynote address to the popular movements, a group that includes activists working on a wide variety of justice causes, called for a universal basic income and the shortening of the working day. He also praised the protest movement that followed the murder of George Floyd.

In a powerful 38-minute video talk to representatives of these movements on all continents that is sure to spark discussion, Pope Francis renewed his call for a universal basic income and advocated the shortening of the working day as partial solutions to the economic crisis so many millions are experiencing.

He also made specific appeals “in the name of God” to those responsible for key sectors of today’s world economy, especially in this time of pandemic: the pharmaceutical and food industries; the financial and credit institutions; the tech and telecommunications giants; the arms industry,…

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