October 19, 2021

Powerful Philadelphia Union Boss, Councilor Tried | Work

Philadelphia (AP) — Powerful Philadelphia Labor leader Johnny “Doc” Doherty was tried on Monday in a city hall corruption case accusing city councilors of staying on union salaries and pushing the agenda.

After spending more than $ 30 million on union funds for political candidates, 61-year-old Doherty faces a later blackmail trial against other union activities. He expressed confidence that he would reveal his name when he arrived at the Philadelphia Inquirer in federal court on Monday for a jury selection. report.

“I have zeroed crime,” Dougherty said outside the court and made zero with his hands for emphasis. “So this is a relief. I can’t wait to get in and get this done.”

Dougherty was in the FBI’s view for years before the 2019 indictment Indicted him While city councilman Bobby Heenon worked full-time in a $ 140,000 city council post annually, he continued to work for a $ 70,000 union annually,…

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