July 27, 2021
General News

‘Precarity & Belonging’ captures insights from global discussion of citizenship, migration, socioeconomic mobility

An interdisciplinary group of leading UC Santa Cruz scholars have released a new book called Precarity & Belonging that culminates more than five years of collaborative research and discussion around themes of global migration, citizenship, and marginalization. 

The project started in the spring of 2016, when Latin American and Latino Studies Professor Catherine Ramírez organized a series of events called “Borders and Belonging” to convene experts on migration from across campus and around the world. From there, the conversation continued into the fall of 2016 and through the spring of 2017, thanks to a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation that allowed UC Santa Cruz to host a Sawyer Seminar series of events on forced migration, labor, and citizenship. 

The book Precarity and Belonging captures insights that emerged from those gatherings. Ramírez collaborated with…

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