President Trump And First Lady Test Positive For Covid-19 Coronavirus, What This Means

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Donald Trump And Joe Biden Participate In First Presidential Debate Covid-19 coronavirus

U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump appeared on stage af the first presidential … [+] debate both without face masks and now they have tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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Well, U.S. President Donald Trump just tweeted (or twote) something that will certainly get some attention. It wasn’t all in ALL CAPS but two of the words were. And one of them was especially striking. Here’s the tweet:

Yes, he called it by its real name, Covid-19, and not by some other name. Apparently he and the First Lady, Melania Trump, have tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus. This Tweet came just two days after both had appeared on stage at the first Presidential debate in Cleveland without face masks. Well, Trump did have a face mask, but it was in his jacket pocket, which won’t protect much except for maybe the jacket, as the following Bloomberg Politics clip from the debate showed:

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And on Wednesday, Trump the Donald had spoken and at times yelled at a campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota. So it is not clear how many others may have been exposed to the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) since Trump became infectious.

Trump’s tweet said that they will “begin our quarantine process immediately.” That’s not quite right. If they did indeed test positive already, they won’t be beginning quarantine. Rather, they will be undergoing isolation. Quarantine is when you may been exposed and should keep yourself separate from others just in case you got infected. Quarantine for Covid-19 coronavirus should last for at least 14 days after possible exposure. Isolation is different. It is when you already know that you are infected and must stay separate from others because you could very readily transmit the virus to others. Isolation should last for at least 10 days after your symptoms started or if you don’t have symptoms after you first tested positive.

It’s not exactly clear when Trump took the test that ended up being positive. Assuming that it was Thursday, that would mean that he would have to cancel in person campaign stops for at least until Monday, October 12. Although, if he recovers, Trump could be available for the next debate or whatever you want to call it that is scheduled for 9 pm October 15.

Isolation would also mean that the President would have to stay by himself. He could in theory isolate together with the First Lady. Although it is not clear what exactly Trump, the Donald, meant by “TOGETHER” in his tweet since no emojis accompanied the statement.

President Trump is 74 years old, which alone would put him into highest risk category for serious Covid-19 complications. Additionally, Trump’s body mass index (BMI) reportedly measured 30.4, which would place him in the “with obesity” range, as the BBC reported back in February 2019. Studies have suggested that obesity may further raise the risk of more severe Covid-19, as I have covered previously for Forbes. .

The President’s physician, Navy Commander Sean Conley, DO, did issue a letter confirming the President’s and First Lady’s diagnosis. CBS News White House Correspondent Weijia Jiang tweeted out the letter:

As you can see, Conley wrote: “The President and First Lady are both well at this time, and they plan to remain at home within the White House during their convalescence,” He didn’t elaborate on what specific medical care will be provided, except to say that “the White House medical team and I will maintain a vigilant watch.” The words “vigilant watch” usually are reserved for something serious. A doctor typically doesn’t keep a vigilant watch on a pimple, some gas, the cold, or even the seasonal flu.

It is not completely surprising that the Trumps have tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus. Earlier Thursday night news broke that Trump’s close advisor Hope Hicks had tested positive for the SARS-CoV2. Hicks had traveled with the President to the debate and was seen not wearing a face mask. As you can see in the following photo, she’s got sunglasses and a trench coat-looking thing but no face covering, even though she is within one Denzel distance from someone else. (Denzel Washington is approximately six feet tall.)


Hope Hicks (C), White House counselor, walks without wearing a face mask to Marine One prior to … [+] departing with US President Donald Trump from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, September 21, 2020, as he travels to Ohio. (Photo: SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

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Just over two hours prior to his own Covid-19 diagnosis tweet, Trump had tweeted the following about Hicks:

Looks like the SARS-CoV2 virus is getting around Trump’s circle.

They certainly will not be alone. Well, they should be alone and remain isolated. But figuratively, they won’t be alone. The three join the over 7,277,814 reported Covid-19 coronavirus cases in the U.S. this year, based on numbers on the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center website. The virus has also already killed 207,808 people in America.

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