September 19, 2021

Preview of What to Expect in the Financial Markets in September

Early trading on Thursday points to the markets making a slow start to September. For those keeping an eye on the historical performance of the ninth month of the year, it might be something they’d gladly accept. Billed “the worst month of the year”, September has seen the S&P 500 fall 0.5% on average, whereas every other month over the past 50 years posted a positive return.

The Covid inspired shake-down has changed the investment landscape. But the question for many is whether things have now settled down to the extent that the peculiarities of September are going to come into play.

Reasons to be Cautious

September just spooks the markets.

Even during the recent bull run, September managed to be a bogey month for the markets. Last year the S&P 500 posted a 4% fall on the month, part of the +107% rally between March 2020 and August 2021 in the same index. There…

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