November 17, 2021

Pueblo residents should be on the lookout for Black Hills scam

Black Hills Energy and Pueblo police are reporting numerous accounts of individuals impersonating the energy company’s employees in Pueblo neighborhoods.

In a press release, Black Hills Energy noted receiving “numerous” calls concerning solar industry contractors attempting to solicit business by going door-to-door in Pueblo. The solicitors were asking for entry to the properties in addition to other information about the individual’s solar or energy account.

Some of the solicitors have become increasingly aggressive in their tactics, according to reports from Pueblo police, Black Hills and Pueblo residents. 

“Safety is one of our core values and a top priority for all of us at Black Hills Energy,” said Devin Moeller, renewables manager for Black Hills Energy. “We encourage customers to learn about the simple precautions they can take when dealing with salespeople and contractors to protect their property and personal…

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