July 31, 2021

QAnon’s new ‘plan’? Run for school board

Drake Wuertz came to the school board meeting in Seminole County, Florida, in late June with a message familiar to those who had heard him speak at previous meetings: America’s children are at risk of systemic abuse.

And the way to stop it is to run for local office.

“They’re being carried away through our education system, through the woke ideology that’s infiltrated professional sports, through the sexual grooming and pedophilia that’s apparent in the entertainment industry,” Wuertz, 36, said in a video of the Seminole County School Board meeting posted by the district’s YouTube account. “We need to run for precinct committees, we need to run for City Council, run for school board and primary the RINOs in this room,” he said, using an acronym for Republicans in Name Only.

It was the kind of claim he’d made before, touching on a wide variety of fringe theories about sex…

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