November 17, 2021

QR codes: more than just a COVID thing – Tech News

The short answer: nothing unexpected – but it’s a fascinating look at how code and coders store data and why transparency matters.

QR codes have been around for decades. They were originally invented at Toyota to help label car parts on production lines, but they’ve worked their way into everyday life as well. From putting links on a bus stop ad to tracing contacts during a pandemic, storing a little bit of computer data on paper is a useful thing to be able to do.

But how do these strange little squares actually work? And what kind of data are they hiding? To find out, we talked to James Hentsridge, an open-source software developer. James wrote an amazing technical breakdown of what’s in WA’s very own SafeWA check-in codes.

Thinking inside the square

“So this is kind of like barcodes on your food, except it’s designed so that it can store a lot more data,” James…

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